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Cheryl Sivertson

Creator and co-host of the Manifest Your Mission Summit

Since 1987, Cheryl has been active in exploring the mind/body connection through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts, which laid the foundation for her more conscious spiritual awakening years later. In 1996, Cheryl felt she was at a crossroads and needed some sort of guidance to help identify which way to proceed in life. “A further step needs to be taken, and that is the finding of a teacher, one appropriate to you. We recommend that you get in touch with Catherine Massey and explain to her that we have directed you to her for instruction and training.” This was the suggestion offered during a channelled reading in early June of 1996. Cheryl would later learn that the woman giving the reading had been a former student of Catherine’s. Although Cheryl had no idea what this woman meant by “instruction and training, ” what she did know was that this reading left her feeling excited and eager to locate Catherine Massey, “Maybe she will have more answers for me!” Within two weeks she had located Catherine and had arranged for a reading on June 30, 1996.


During her first reading with Catherine, numerous suggestions were offered: that she was destined to work with the public as a teacher, to learn the functions of the mind, to become more aware of her feelings, and to get into some sort of hands on healing to increase her awareness. Unknown to Cheryl, Catherine had started working on Volume 1 of Harold Stubb’s teachings, with the help of another woman who had been typing Catherine’s hand transcriptions into the computer. During the second reading a year later, Catherine received an image of this woman handing the book over to Cheryl, indicating that there existed the potential for Cheryl take on shared responsibility for producing Harold’s books with Catherine. After careful consideration, Cheryl formally took on this task in 1998. As life allowed, she and Catherine continued to prepare the material, chapter by chapter, transforming the lecture style teachings into book format. Each chapter read brought more understanding and awareness to Cheryl’s mind.


Through the writing and editing process, Cheryl became a student of Harold’s teachings, which led to a life long interest in learning about the mind and how to use our mind to manifest our highest potential. Spiritual and metaphysical doors continued to open and would lead her to explore Swedish massage, Reiki, Pranic Healing, GeoTran™ and other intuitive energy medicine practices.
In early 1997, Cheryl had her first experience of the Kryon energy—along with 700 others—when Lee Carroll visited Seattle, WA. Experiencing such a love wash and a knowing of truth, Cheryl understood this would be the first of many events she would attend with Lee and Kryon. In 1998, she was blessed with the opportunity to first host Lee and Kryon in Victoria, BC and she has been host for the Kryon energy in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada ever since.

Cheryl is most fascinated with bridging “the spiritual” with “the Earthly” during our human Earth journey. In service to others, she is passionate about sharing practical ways to bring the spiritual aspects of ourselves into our daily life. In addition, she feels called to assist Lightworkers who have a very strong knowing that they have a message to share with the world, by offering step-by-step guidance on how to systematically liberate oneself and transition from a “job” to your “joys”.

Cheryl is co-author of “Free To Be: An Introduction to Metaphysics Vol. 1 (The Teachings of Harold Stubbs)” (available via Amazon) and creator and host of Manifest Your Mission® Summit.

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